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Love isn’t perfect it is not a fairy tale, a love story and it doesn’t  always come easily to get.  

There will always be a someone who will break your heart but is not the reason to give up and destroy your dreams. Instead move on and make to be a friends who people hurt you.   just to remember that life’s goes on. Love Your ; Yourself, Friends,  your Family, Boy/Girlfriend, Neighbor or even your Enemies because we just  borrowed our life. You don’t have a power to create a person you love. if God decide  to get their life…  don’t  hold anger, hurt or pain you will choose a better life;  Love is patient,  Love is kind, Love is not envy, Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking, Love is not easily angered, It keep no record wrong, does and not delightful in evil but rejoice by truth and also love always protect you from a danger, always truth, always hope, always perseveres. because the MIND and your HEART  is always COMBINE to choose A BETTER LIFE.  






After Exam, I’M DO THIS..

        Be happy No matter what the outcome is, the exam is over. The weeks or months building up to the ‘big day’ have gone, and taken pressure, stress, tension and nerves with it. You are free again.After dwelling and guessing exam results, relax.Do whatever you want guilt free. No more squeezing in television between revision sessions or having to turn down friends because a topic just won’t stay in your head.

        Your time is yours again. but sometimes you would not be. cause you have something to do and if you realize that’s important. hay.. nu.. suddenly hindi na naman buotulog mo..paudlot udlot.. :(then in a few minute you will got a pimple the mark of stress. there’s a time that your head was so SAKIIIITTT!!!!!! the FACT is you wanted to memorize all of them.. but it doesn’t right. all of us have a one head. and the head is usually function when you want to be. kung ako sayo SLEEP KANA LNG.. TO REFRESH YOU MIND.. 

          WELL..Sleep,I usually come home from the tiredness day of your life, and jump into bed to catch up on my lost sleep. The couple of days before my exam I find it difficult to get to sleep because of the looming exam but after my exams are finished, I need that period of rest to recuperate from the stressful exam period! 😀 base in reality rigth.


Young’s AND Adult can take an Exams.

An examination is an official test of knowledge. it has everywhere around the world. 

Examination is an assessment intended to measure a test taker’s knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, classification in many other topics”.bata man o matanda ay pwedeng magkaroon ng ganitong pagsusulit; there is not a particular age to have exams.However, some don’t agree for what important of a exam to us. A person will be able to know his performance. Exams encourage the performance of student. For instance if a person score low grade, it encourage him to work hard in order to score high grade. And also it encourages people to work and learn, creates competition, and develops ones personality and confidence.Exam is a way to know how well you understood the topics learn. Learning is a 2-way,  Whatever you learn in class, you need to apply. And examination is one way to determine how well learning has taken place – is through you answers.


just what ever happen to the results of the exam. This is because you, you must accept the results of your exam done, dahil ikaw ang nagawa ng resulta nito. and not someone else.

Make study a part of your life.

College life is said to be the most knowledgeable phase in the life of an individual, Where learns a lot about life. At the same time, it is the an extremely enjoyable time, when you make lots of friends, party throughout the night and lose yourself in the bliss that life offers. College life reflects the best years of our life, which once gone, will never ever come back. College isn’t like high school. There’s no teacher or parent to remind you every day of what you need to do. So step up to bat and take responsibility. What grades you get will depend on what you yourself do. kim

And about the courses you like, Make sure that you get one and you think first what is it. and if you happy to your choosing course. Many course you want are there, but there have  a better course for you.  Like me, I’m choosing  an AB Communication Arts, because, I want to be a DJ someday ,Although there have a problems with my speaking it doesn’t matter for me, to leave my dreams, and  I know  that  this course has a lot of opportunity  in a future. Although  sometimes their a time that  it’s hard to do but, In the middle of, you will realize that you love it. No matter if you are in higher academy or in public as long as you love the course you took. 😀

“Here Comes the Sun” Painting-a-Day by Emily Jeffords

When I saw their painting. I felt, everything alright, everything have a wonderful life, it’s for me. no matter how, it simple but it can get a simple meaning to other and I’m the one of them.

“Here Comes The Sun” Painting-a-Day, oil on canvas, by Emily JeffordsAlt Summit Bound: Painting a Day.  Emily Jeffords

The final painting in my mini painting-a-day series is here!  My brushes are still messy, my studio even more so, and the canvases lining my studio walls cheer and delight me.

“Here Comes the Sun” is a fitting way to end this mini series.  Warm tones, movement, loose brush strokes and creamy & vibrant colors speak to the hope that each new day brings.  I love the muted tones and the lush textures in this landscape and how they contrast with the lightness and vibrance in the sky.  Winter is ending and the warm spring days are in the air.

This painting is 16×20 inches, oil on canvas and will be available in my shop in ONE HOUR, at noon (EST), today!

This is the end of this short painting-a-day project.  However, there is a lovely collection of originals & prints on sale in my studio shop.  Check them…

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Witnessing a Teacher’s Demo

              When i was suddenly called to join the faculty in the conference room,  I was apprehensive because I didn't 
know what to expect. I was with Timothy John Paul Gacura, both of us were invited to witness the teacher applicant.
              There were three faculty evaluators to be seated by the conference table. The applicant presented a lesson in 
World Literature. As I was listening, I felt her confidence and competence. I even thought at first that she was a supervisor who's visiting the school. I had the chance to participate in her prepared activity. It was fun, I'm definitely looking forward to more similar activities in the future.